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chap10 012 - 10.12 PROBLEMS 10.29 where k is the wavenumber...

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Unformatted text preview: 10.12. PROBLEMS 10.29 where k is the wavenumber, c the speed of light, MP the plasma frequency, wc the electron gyration frequency, and w the wave frequency (all frequencies are positive). a. If cup and we are given constants, for what values of w is the wave evanescent? b. If u: = 107 s‘l, wp = 8 x 106 s‘l, and we = 6 x 10fi s‘l, find the phase velocity of the wave. c. Find the group velocity of the wave (for the same conditions). Problem 10.17: An electromagnetic wave propagates downward into sea water (a = 4 U/m, s = 8180). Just below the surface, the power flux (magnitude of the Poynting vector) is 100 W/m2. If we want the power at a depth of 100 In to be 10‘2 W/Ing, what must the wave frequency be? Problem 10.18: A plane wave with a frequency of 10 GHz propagates in a dielectric with permittivity given by 5/50 = 4.0 — 34.0 x 10-3 a. Evaluate the phase and attenuation constants, the wavelength, the phase velocity, and the intrinsic impedance of the medium. b. In what distance will the wave attenuate by 20 dB? c. In what distance will the electric field strength decrease by a factor of 100? Problem 10.19: A plane wave propagates within a dielectric with a permittivity given by: 1 _ 5’ — 3'5” 1 +j10—10w _ so a. What are 61/60 and 5”/E’ for this dielectric? b. Consider the three frequency regimes of (1) w << 1010 5—1, (2) (.0 >> 1010 s“1, and (3) w = 1010 5*. Is the low—loss approximation valid in all three regimes? c. Sketch the dispersion relation (w as a function of k) for this dielectric. From the sketch, estimate the phase and group velocities of the wave. Is there anything peculiar about the region a: as 1010 5‘1? Explain. 52/80 = 1+ Problem 10.20: A 10 MHz wave propagates in a medium, satisfying the dispersion relation .12 = w: + 192.22 Where fo = Lac/211' = 6 MHz. 3. Find the phase and group velocities and show that their product equals the square of the speed of light. b. Determine the effective dielectric constant. c. Find the amplitude of the magnetic field if the electric field amplitude is 1 V/m. ...
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