Microtubules - o Presence of Profilin(promotes actin...

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Microtubules Binding proteins - stabilizing o MAP2 (dentritic) o TAU and MAP3 (axon) - Destabilizing o SCG/stathimin Functions - cell division - Golgi to plasma membrane vesicle transport via motors - Cell polarity - Cell structure maintenance Actin filament Binding Proteins - Stabilizing o Capping of filament ends with (Cap Z at + end and tropomodulin at – end) o Presence of fimbrin and fascin (promotes actin filament bundling)
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Unformatted text preview: o Presence of Profilin (promotes actin filament formation)-Destabilizing o Presence of G actin binding proteins ( thymosin) o Presence of actin filament severing protein (gelsolin and cofilin) Functions-Vesicle docking/fusion with PM in constitutive and regulated secretion-Growth cone exploration during axonal pathfinding -Cell structure and maintenance-Cell movement/migration...
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