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ELECTRIC COPING SAW An electric coping saw is one of the several kinds of saws one can find in a hardware shop. It is used to saw complex external and internal shapes and carved cutouts on wooden, plastic or metallic materials around the home or in a carpenter’s shop. Electric coping saw is very useful for cutting unusual shapes or curves. Usually, such intricate shapes are cut by machine fretsaws, but there are times when these machines are not accessible; electrical coping saw can be used in those times. Using an electrical coping saw practice and skill to operate and achieve the desired results. An electric coping saw is rarely used to create professional fretwork since it cannot copy the perfection of a fretsaw in complexity of cutting, especially in case of thin materials. The cut of electric coping saw blades is mostly thicker and much coarser than the typical fretsaw blades. An electric coping saw has a lean, hard-steel blade, extended between the two sides of a C-shaped spring-steel frame with which a handle is attached. Depending on
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