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Final Conclusions Memo Compute the confidence interval(s) using confidence interval of 95%. O f your data from the Week 4 paper. Based on your confidence interval(s), determine if you would change the conclusions given in your Week 4 Learning Team Assignment. Write a 350-700-word memo in which you discuss the confidence interval(s) and how they impact your business decision. The Week 5 Final Conclusions Memo is a separate assignment from the final, revised research paper that the team has constructed throughout the class. The Conclusions Memo should include the confidence intervals for your variable of interest and additional interpretation of the confidence intervals. The team will also need to discuss whether the results affect your conclusions. A confidence interval is an estimation of the real or true average in the population.
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Unformatted text preview: To analyze how variables affect the price of homes, we have identified two variables size of homes and homes with a pool and those without a pool. The variables are compared to analyze how they affect the selling prices of the homes. First, the size of the home, measured in square footage, is a variable that may have an effect on the price of a home, to measure this variable the data is divided into two groups. The first group consists of homes with square footage equal to or less than 2200, the other group consists of homes larger than 2200 square feet. As previously mention the second variable is divided among homes with a pool and those without a pool. The research will prove to what extent the variables affect the selling prices of homes....
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