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final exam info - Vertical and Horizontal Analysis...

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Define the Following: Transaction? What is accounting transaction? How do accountants speak to external user reports? What are creditors and how they use accounting information? What is GAP? What is the cost principle? What is the accounting equation and how to balance? What is a journal ledger? What is a trial balance? Income statement format? Gross profit and net income? What is SEC? Revenue recognition principle? Cash flow statement? Ratio Analysis?
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Unformatted text preview: Vertical and Horizontal Analysis? Break-even point? What is current ratio mean and components? Who are the board of directors? What are dividends? Company has a net loss? What is the complication of cash? Cash flow statement impact? What is FASP? Three different groups of ratios? the meaning of asset, liability and equity? Four sets of financial statements? assumptions, revenue, commerm, reliability and consistent?...
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