highlighted coping saw blades - now rewritten

highlighted coping saw blades - now rewritten - The cutting...

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The cutting of a Coping saw blade is mostly thicker and rougher than that of a fretsaw. A coping saw comprises of a thin and hard steel blade, extended between the two sides of a C-shaped, steel frame with which a handle is connected. The coping saw blade is removable by partially unscrewing the handle. The blade is removed from the frame so as to pass the coping saw blade through a hole drilled in the piece of a material from which any shape is to be cut. The blade thus passed through is then fitted into the frame and the cutting is started from the drilled hole. One may cut perpendicularly to the surface of the material however the meager height of the frame would not let the operator to cut beyond a certain depth . On the contrary, a fretsaw, having a fair deeper frame, can cut up to greater depths and thus is more beneficial but at the same time it can’t cut through the thicker materials which can usually be cut by a coping saw . One can prevent the blade
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