Microeconomic 112 (1)

Microeconomic 112 (1) - 1 Select two companies whose...

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1. Select two companies whose product(s) you use in your daily life. You may choose any firms you wish, as long as their information is publicly available (as to their products and financial information) and they are known to the average person. Colgate palmolive company-tooth paste Unilever-Lux soap 2. Describe, in detail, each company's product line in terms of: Product description and usage Colgate Maximum Cavity protection contains calcium and fluoride. Its superior formula penetrates teeth to lock in natural calcium to give you strong and healthy teeth. It also fights cavities and provides thorough cleaning for your teeth. Colgate Maximum Cavity protection has a refreshing taste that will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. It is available in 2 exciting flavors– Extra Mint and Great Regular Flavor. it is used to deeply cleanse our teeth by applying it on a tooth brush and rubbing it gently on our teeth to give it a shine and whiteness Lux soap is a beauty soap and is a consumer product, it is available in different colors and fragrances. It cleanses face and enhances the skin with special extracts which it contains in it. It can be used by rubbing it in hands with little water which forms foam and then it can be applied on face nad rinsed with water. Factors that determine the demand for the products:
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Microeconomic 112 (1) - 1 Select two companies whose...

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