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MT425 Managerial finance unit 6 discussions

MT425 Managerial finance unit 6 discussions - Please...

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Please respond to these Threaded Discussion Questions. Take time to review the responses of your classmates and provide your feedback. 1. Based on your Web Field Trip and exercise regarding the Pennsylvania state budget, name some ways a state budget is similar to a company's budget. Name some ways in which it is different. 1 Like company’s budget it covers a period of one year. 2 New budget is introduced every year. 3 Both comprises of revenues and expenses. 4 Both are made to set certain targets.  Name some ways in which it is different.  1. State budget covers under economics or public finance subject while company’s budget is covered under  business finance. 2. In company’s budget first revenue targets are set, while in state budget the spending is determined then the  receipts target are set and taxes are imposed. 3. State budget are made for the welfare of the people, while the company’s budget are made to make profit.
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