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netw310w2labreport - implementation would solve this...

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Lynch, David NETW310, Professor Nzimiro 5/9/2010 Lab #2, Lan Modeling Lab Report Write a short paragraph for each of the following three questions concerning your analysis of background loads in the Lan Modeling Tutorial. 1). How does background traffic affect FTP traffic? (10 points) Other traffic on the network could cause FTP transfers to slow down. 2). Discuss alternative solutions. (10 points) If bandwidth is the issue due to other traffic on the network, any method of file transfer would be affected. Other than increasing the amount of bandwidth, a QoS
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Unformatted text preview: implementation would solve this problem for any method of file transfer. 3). What are your recommendations? (10 points) This could be resolved by implementing QoS at the router or switch to give FTP traffic a higher priority. Copy and Paste the following screenshots from your Lan Modeling tutorial below. Final Network Configuration (10 points) Graph of: Overlaid results of average point to point utilization (5 points) Graph of: Overlaid results of average FTP download response time (5 points)...
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