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netw310w6labpreparation - Preparation for OPNET Labs The...

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Preparation for OPNET Labs The OPNET labs in this course have preconfigured scenario files that are required to do your labs. These scenario files are located in the eCollege NETW310 course and must be downloaded to your computer, unzipped and then uploaded to the Citrix Application Server for your labs to perform correctly. This procedure will only need to be performed one time to properly initialize your environment. The following steps must be performed in sequence to ensure proper configuration and successful execution of future labs. 1. Download NETW310Scenarios.zip from Doc Sharing and unzip to your local C:\ drive. This will create a directory named NETW310 that contains scenarios used in your weekly lab assignments. You will now copy the NETW310 directory and all its files to Citrix using the following instructions. 2. Log into the Citrix environment using your Citrix credentials. If you have difficulty with your password, please call the Help Desk @ 877-784-1997. There is also Citrix-specific help information and tutorials in your
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