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netw310w6labreport - Lynch David NETW310 Professor Nzimiro...

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Unformatted text preview: Lynch, David NETW310, Professor Nzimiro 06JUN10 Lab #6, Network Flow Control Lab Report a 1. Looking at the above graph, write a short paragraph on what is happening here with the congestion window and the flight size. (17 points) The congestion window is a state variable that limits the amount of data a TCP sender can send. The flight size is the amount of data that has been sent but not yet acknowledged. h 2. In the Results Browser, bring up the Global TCP statistics for Delay (sec) and ‚ Segment Delay sec). In a short paragraph, comment on the delay graph. (17 points) The delay spikes at about 3.25 and stays constant while the segment delay spikes at about .15 and stays constant through the simulation. ‚ 3. Overlay the statistics for Client Received Segment Ack Number and Sent 3. Overlay the statistics for Segment Ack Number. Write a short paragraph on why the Client numbers are so different from the servers and an explanation of what is happening. (16 points) The reason the numbers are so different is that the client receives more than it sends and the server sends more than it receives. The graphs show the delay in each the server and client when a packet is sent and received. ...
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