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Memorandum To: Steve Ryan CC: Ali Macbailey, Vanita Narayan, Amy Ortiz, Eugene Pacelli From: David Lynch Date: 07:09:33 Re: Team D Contributions Sales Letter with Visual Aid Enclosed is the Sales letter along with visual aids promoting our services to China International Motor Ltd. Team members contributed throughout the week which included: Ali Macbailey – Writing and Formatting Vanita Narayan – Revision and Critique Eugene Pacelli – Not active in Discussions
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Unformatted text preview: • David Lynch – Visual Aid and Critique Communication through the week for this project was not at its peak. Ali came in at the end and constructed the letter asking for visual aids and suggestions. Vanita and myself critiqued the letter and revised while trying to assist with visual aids. Eugene seem to not have any inputs due to some untold events or situations. 1 CONFIDENTIAL...
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