chld paper1 - 1 Brittany Duch CHLD 362 Coughlin March 31,...

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Brittany Duch CHLD 362 – Coughlin March 31, 2008 A Parent’s Guide to the Theory of a Child’s Mind Becoming a parent can be a wonderful, yet scary and quite confusing time in an adult’s life. Figuring out how to read your child’s mind and trying to infer why or why not your child is doing something can be an arduous task. But before you go calling your child a little egocentric or a narcissist, it would be good to learn why he or she is acting this way. This theory of the mind can be defined simply, but is anything but simple. According to Kail (2007), “between the ages of 2 and 5, children develop a theory of the mind, a naïve understanding of the relations between mind and behavior.” (p. 192) Children must understand the minds of other people. According to Kail (2007), “one of the leading researchers on theory of the mind, Henry Wellman, believes that the children’s theory of mind moves through three phases during the preschool years.” (p. 192) After these three stages, a child’s theory of the mind is almost complete. They will learn more information in their lifetimes that will build upon this foundation. In the first pre-developmental phase is “common in 2-year-olds, children are aware of desires, and they often speak of their wants and likes.” (Kail, 2007, p. 192) At this stage children “understand that people have desires and that desires can cause behavior.” (Kail, 2007, p.194) They know that they want or do not want certain things because those things might make them feel a certain way. An example of a child in this
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chld paper1 - 1 Brittany Duch CHLD 362 Coughlin March 31,...

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