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171ProblemSet1 - CHEMISTRY 171 PROBLEM SET#1 DUE Friday...

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CHEMISTRY 171: PROBLEM SET #1 (9/25/09) DUE: Friday, October 2, 2009 1. Give the valence shell configuration for: a) noble gases b) halogens c) chalcogenides d) Fe +2 e) Tl f) Lu +3 g) Se -2 2. The following are several electronic configurations that may be correct for the nitrogen atom ( Z = 7). Arrows represent electrons whose direction indicates the value of the spin quantum number m s . The three circles for the p orbitals indicate the possible values of the orbital-orientation quantum number m l . For each configuration write one of the following words: “excited” if the configuration represents a possible excited state of the nitrogen atom; “ground” if the configuration represents the ground state of the nitrogen atom; or “forbidden” if the configuration in question cannot exist. 3. Write the orbital electronic structures for the following atoms and ions and, where appropriate, show that you know Hund’s rule: P( Z = 15); Na( Z = 11); As( Z = 33); C - ( Z = 6); O + ( Z = 8). 4. Determine the number of unpaired electrons in the following atoms: C(
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