TDC case final - Technical Data Corporation Business Plan...

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Technical Data Corporation Business Plan 1. Technical Data Corporation is in the computer hardware and software business. TDC is in the business of providing liable data in regards to the fixed income market. TDC is going to provide a web based service that will relay historical price data, price analysis, and market commentary on the day to day price variances. Currently the purchases of this information are not willing to pay high amounts to access this information. Additionally, the purchases are not willing to buy any equipment to get this information. The purchases expect to get this information from their current equipment. Many of the competitors in this industry provide some of the same information, but all of them are not willing to provide this information on a up to date basis. 2. The financial offer to the investor is the sale of twenty separate units. Each unit is includes 50 shares of common stock at $10 per share and a non-negotiable promissory note with a face value of $4,500. The 50 shares of common stock have no par value. Additionally, the stocks do not have a registration statement for the securities and therefore cannot be transferred. The promissory note involves an annual interest rate of 15% that is allocated in semiannual payments beginning July 1, 1981. The date of maturity for the note is December 15, 1990. Under the terms in the promissory note the company reserves the right to prepay, in whole or in part, the principal and interest due at any time without penalty.
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TDC case final - Technical Data Corporation Business Plan...

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