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The Writing Process Checkpoint: The Writing Process Axia College of University of Phoenix Com 150 Date September 02, 2010 The writing process in this class differs from the writing process I have used in the past. There are some of the steps mentioned in the resource material that I have employed in my past writing. For example: Whenever I sit down to write, I usually think about the subject I am writing about and free write. I find this process helps me to collect my thoughts in a more effective way. I do not really use the other steps listed in the resource material. I think the free writing step is the easiest step for me. I make sure I have a quiet and comfortable place in which to write first. I gather my thoughts and it seems like once I do these things, the words come freely to me by using this step. I would have to say that the most difficult step for me is clustering or mind mapping. I do not know why, but this step does not work well for me. I could probably overcome the difficulty of using the clustering or mind mapping step by employing
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