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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Bang-Sup Song Spring 2010 ECE163 TuTh 2:00-3:20 Electronic Circuits and Systems This course covers a broad range of electronic circuits with emphasis on system uses. Seven assignments include simulations and experiments. 1. Feedback amplifier stability : Introduction, frequency response, poles and zeros, feedback, stability, Bode plots, gain and phase margins, inverting and non-inverting gain amplifiers. 2. Operational amplifier : Small-signal opamp model, gain-bandwidth product, pole- splitting Miller compensation, slew and settling. 3. Voltage regulator : Small-signal model, Zener and bandgap references, load and line regulations, frequency compensation, short protection, switching regulator. 4. Active RC filter : Maximally flat Butterworth filter, Sallen-Key filter, biquad, frequency and impedance scaling, factoring into biquads. 5. Switched-capacitor filter : Sample/hold, aliasing, signal flow graph, direct discrete-time integrator, lowpass-to-highpass transform, lowpass-to-bandpass transform. 6. ADC : Quantization noise, differential and integral non-linearity, flash, successive approximation, dual-slope, pipeline, first-order and second-order oversamplig ±² modulator. 7.
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outline-10 - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO Department...

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