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Unformatted text preview: ECE 123 Assignment 1 Spring 2010 This problem set is due Tuesday April 6 at 2:00 PM. If you cannot finish on time, let me know in advance. Do not skip the lecture to finish the report on time. A Matlab script to do section 1 (b)-(d) is on the web-site. You can modify it to do section 2, or, if you are familiar with Matlab, you can do the calculations anyway you prefer. The same calculations will re- cur throughout the course, so you should document and save the code you write for each assignment. 1. Handset Antenna Gain: You are given that a for a certain handset antenna the electric field pattern E( , ) sin is independent of . (this is the pattern of a short vertical electric dipole antenna) (a) Find the gain of the handset antenna (with respect to an isotropic radiator) analytically. Clearly it will have the form G( , ) = Ksin 2 so your task is to find the constant K. You can use the constraint that the integral of G( , ) over the sphere = 4 to find find K....
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