BYMP SWOT Analysis

BYMP SWOT Analysis - Figure1.'sDelights lnternalFactors Strengths Management Offerings Marketing Personnel Finance Manufacturing R&D

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Figure 1. SWOT Analysis for Cassie's Delights lnternal Factors Strengths Weaknesses Management Experienced leadership and exceptional organizational skil s. Smal  size increases the workload. Of erings Diverse, outstanding-quality, medium price products. Lower priced competotors. Marketing Distributions in two regions with great success. Untapped regions. Personnel Though it's a smal  team, the work environment is great and everyone works great together. Less productivity if employees take too much time of . Finance Strength and growth in income and profits. Due to minimal funds, there's less chances for potential growth compared to bigger competitors. Manufacturing Manufacturing cost are minimal which al ows more money to be spent on bet er quality ingredients. Limited manufacturing cannot meet the demands requested.
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