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cjs week 6 day 4 - T he bail system was created so that the...

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The bail system was created so that the jails would not fill up while someone was waiting to be trialed for what they were accused of. Needless to say since bail does not have to be granted to anyone judges have decided to in some circumstance to set bail at an absurdly amount. This means that a person would not be able to come up with the money to post bail. This is usually done due the defendant being a flight risk and not making it back to court. When it comes to posting bail there are a couple different ways to do this. One way is a privately secured bail also known as a surety bail. This means that the defendant must come up with the money themselves through a bail bondsman they can do this with collateral such as a house or a car. Usually the fee is 10% of the bail. However, with this kind of bail the defendant can leave town and it causes problems for the person whom signed for the bail. In addition, to privately secured bail is percentage or deposit bail. This is where the defendants give a money deposit to the court that is usually 10%. This also
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