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cis week 2 day 4 - automated and run on a computer It...

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The biggest distinction between computer’s electrical switches and the useful information is that the electrical switches are nothing alone they are just on and off. This is kind of useless, alone. However, when all the switches come together to make them more useful. This is called data. This is not quite useful to us because most people do not understand this data. However between the GUI and the software it becomes useful information that we can see, hear and print. We can even manipulate this information through the software. Each little bit of data does have meaning just as humans and not machines we cannot use this until it is combined into information. “Computer data processing is any process that uses a computer program to enter data and summaries, analyze or otherwise convert data into usable information. The process may be
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Unformatted text preview: automated and run on a computer. It involves recording, analyzing, sorting, summarizing, calculating, disseminating and storing data. Because data is most useful when well-presented and actually informative, data-processing systems are often referred to as information systems. Nevertheless, the terms are roughly synonymous, performing similar conversions; data-processing systems typically manipulate raw data into information, and likewise information systems typically take raw data as input to produce information as output.”(Answer.com, 2007) References Answers.com, Data Processing, References Answers, 2007, retrieved on 4/8/2010, from online resource http://www.answers.com/topic/data-processing...
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