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The two significant changes to the penitentiary system during the 20 th century to me would be better living quarters for prisoners and better medical facilities for injuries and disease in the prison systems. Living quarters have made a big impact on the prisoners not wanting to escape all the time. However some still may want to this is a form of confinement. As for the better medical facilities this would cover everything from mental help to basic stabbing in the prisons. These new medical facilities can treat these problems without the need to transfer prisoners to the hospital. However, some cases cannot be helped but to be moved and guarded at
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Unformatted text preview: the hospital. For the society, these changes have also helped. Now prisoners can be rehabilitated mentally and give them a better understanding of the real world. Before these changes where put into place many prisoners that were locked up for long amounts of time would not know how to cope on the outside when they were released. This caused a lot of suicides and higher crime rates due to the fact that prisoners wanted to go back to prison it was a place they understood better. So to sum this up it deinstitutionalizes the prisoners....
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