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I feel that the objectives of sentencing should be along the lines of rehabilitating the person being sentenced. If you can rehabilitate the person instead of just sending them away to restitute for a crime, then the person will be able to reenter society after their sentencing is over. However, in reality and today’s world society says we are rehabilitating the person when in fact we are just locking them up and training them to be better criminals. My way of thinking goes more along the lines of being liberal ideology. However I do not think that crime is a separated into different levels of society.
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Unformatted text preview: Crimes go all the way across the board in society. However, it seems that it is just mostly based in the poverty stricken areas. I feel this way because these are the most arrested places because this is where most of the police are located and do their jobs. There are however some other aspects of the conservative ideologies that I do agree with. One of these ideologies is the need for stricter prisons. If we had stricter prisons then more of the inmates would be less likely to commit crimes when they are released....
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