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cjs week3 day 5 - 1 Which option(front-end solutions double...

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1. Which option (front-end solutions, double bunking, or back-end solutions) do you feel is the most effective in our correctional system? Explain your rationale. I would feel that front end solution would be the most effective in our correctional system. I feel this way because if we can get to the root causes of these crimes then we can work toward preventing them. In addition, we could also make strict punishments more publicly showed to help deter future crimes. 2. What is the role and purpose of privatization? The role and purpose of privatization is for the government to reduce liability and cost to the tax payers. In addition, private prisons also reduce the population in government controlled prisons; however they do not reduce the total overall prison population. The private prison also get rid of a lot of the red tape the government has to go threw in their prisons. 3. Does privatization have the potential to eradicate the prison population increase? Explain why or why not.
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