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week 5 day 5 - While communicating with many different...

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The sociological aspect of prison differs from male to female prisons. However, there are still some similarities such as violence, rape, and gangs. Even though they are similar by name they vary by degree and how they are carried out. One difference is violence, in a men’s prison violence is used to gain power and even used to eliminate a potential future threat to the inmate’s political position. As for a women’s prison violence is used to maintain order in each little family. Violence has also been used to manipulate a woman’s thinking to make them join a group. As for rape in a female prison rape is not as prevalent as a men’s. However, homosexuality has a higher rate in a women’s prison.
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Unformatted text preview: While communicating with many different prison workers I have found out the major difference between a men’s prison and a ladies prison. This difference is what separates men from women out of prison. This difference is that women will hold on to little things such as calling them names. Then the women in the prison will be meaner to guards and other inmates for a longer period of time. As for men’s prison the men will not hold on to the same little things for instance if a guard calls a women a bad name they will remember it for a longer time and eventually get even with that guard, as for a man the guard will call them a name and the next day it will be a whole different problem....
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