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The article I have chosen to write about is the Autism spectrum disorder that occurs in some inmates. The article talks about how to identify and deal with prisoners with autism. It covers everything from how they would act around other prisoners to how they would act when being dealt with by prison officials. The article also talks about how prison officials would have difficulty communicating with the prisons. The article also goes into talking about how three out of every four people diagnosed with autism are male. This would mean that a men’s prison would most likely have to deal with this issue before a women’s prison would. This article also states that the personnel in charge of the prisoner should contact family or friends to see how to deal best with this person. The autism spectrum disorder has a very dramatic effect on the prison
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Unformatted text preview: system because these subjects must be watched because they are more likely to receive abuse inside the system. In addition a person with autism will not respond to pain like a normal inmate would nor will they answer questions as a normal inmate would. This means the prison system must train their personnel to a higher degree to work with these people because there are so many different types of autism. Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Special Needs Subject Response Guide for Police Officers , National institute of corrections, Children’s Hospital and Health System, S eptember 22, 2009 , Accessed from online resource, on 5/11/2010, from http://www.nicic.org/Library/023977...
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