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When it comes to transgender inmates versus ones with autism, it is like trying to compare night and day. Being transgender is a way of thinking for a person. It is a mental condition; however, it is and can be controlled. Unlike autism which cannot be controlled. Autism inmates do need special attention due to the lack of being able to communicate with other prisoners and guards. Other than both mental problems receive abuse there is really nothing else they have in common. Transgender inmates need special attention because of primarily being sexually abused to where autism prisoners get the whole scale of abuse not just sexually
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Unformatted text preview: but mental and physical from guards as well as prisoners. I feel that autism prisoners have a greater influence on the prison system because there are more cases of autism in the system than transgender. There is a higher chance of being autistic than transgendered so there will be more prisoners with this problem. The main difference in the treatment of these two populations would be that transgender inmates need more psychological treatment as to where once an inmate is diagnosed with autism they need special treatment from that day on to get them to function normally....
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