week 7 day 5 - voluntary These steps are important to...

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Rehabilitation over the years 1 Rehabilitati on over the years CJS/230 5/21/10 Jessie Lassabe
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Rehabilitation over the years 2 Prisons have come a long way to work with prisoners to rehabilitate them to be released as a functioning person in society. The conventional form of rehabilitation program (the old way) was just an alternative to prison labor, the inmate had a choice to do the programs or work all day. Basically this was just to keep the inmates from being idol to allow them to think of escape, or even danger to the guards. This is when they introduced the parole setting making these programs crucial for an inmate to qualify for parole. In addition before the late twenty century rehabilitation programs where mandatory and prisoners had no choice but to do them or work. However, the new rehabilitation programs are
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Unformatted text preview: voluntary. These steps are important to rehabilitation, because if someone wants to change the way they live and act they must first step up and admit they have a problem. This is the only way to achieve full rehabilitation. If the prisoner is forced to go through rehabilitation, then they will not accept the changes that are being offered. The prisoner will just return back to the crimes they were committing before because they have not learned the difference between right and wrong or even the consequences of their actions. Rehabilitation over the years 3 Resource Corrections: The Fundamentals , by Burk Foster. Published by Prentice-Hall, chapter 13, 2006, accessed on 5/21/2010 from Axia online...
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week 7 day 5 - voluntary These steps are important to...

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