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Article 3 - enabled Whirlpool to save lot of money and...

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Article 3: Leading a Supply Chain Turnaround Amol Nayak Key Take always: The article Talks about a turn around of a company supply chain driven by effective project management and intense planning effort on part of Mr. Slone and Dittmann. These two individuals were able to put the initial set backs of the new supply chain system and successfully improve on the SCM system with small investment which could yield supremacy usually due to existing strengths. Some of the impressive improvements were the web based tool CPFR with which they were able to share the key forecasting measures with Sears. There were also able to motivate team mates with PMI-certification which made the staff adept of the project management skills. The one of continues improvement tools was “Plan to Sell/ Build to Order”, this helped to identify High volume SKU with custom low volume high profit SKU’s. All these improvements
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Unformatted text preview: enabled Whirlpool to save lot of money and improve on delivery to customers. Applied SCM Customer focus; where all the improvements and its benefits have to be aligned to end customer satisfaction. Trade Partner Problem identification; which enabled problem solving at Whirlpool to benefit Trade partners. Benchmarking Competition; this helped identify 27 different areas of measuring the industry. The CPFR system is a key SCM Tool that will enable collaboration with customer on forecasting front. Plan to Sell/build to order: enabled selective planning and implementation of different strategies by each product. CAT: At Caterpillar; even thought all the SCM systems are in place we are always looking for continuous improvements in the systems and processes. CAT has plans to go into a major SCM upgrade in few years to improve and standardize the SCM systems across all its global locations....
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