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Article 17 - Article 17 Building Relationships Junko...

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Article 17: Building Relationships Junko Nichols 1. Key takeaways: • This is a very incense discussion between supply chain professionals from various industries. The first question that they tackle was about the effects of economic downturn and it’s effects on supply chain. Most agreed that adaptive strategies of supply chain are the key for survival. They also pointed out the increase in usage of RFID Tags. • They also effect of economic downturn of strategies being more cost effective rather then responsive. But by reducing cost companies can survive a downturn but they become less responsive and less innovative. • Trust among the supply chain players can begin on a contract basis, but the Process- based trust is more important and long lasting. • The key of an effective, adaptive supply chain is eliminating the barriers within organizations. The silos within an organization need to communicate and collaborate better. With communication and collaboration trust can be built up. It is also important to
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