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Speaker Assessment Assignment We will several scheduled guest speakers from the hospitality and marketing industries this term. For each, you are to complete a copy of this form in class and submit it to me at the end of class that day. Only this form will be accepted at the end of the class period. There will be no credit for assessments written on the back of napkins, notebook paper, lunch bags, etc., nor will there be credit for submitting this form at a later time/day. You will be smart to print a copy for all speakers ahead of time and keep them in your backpacks/notebooks for class. Points are awarded for evidence of a thoughtful assessment.
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Unformatted text preview: Your Name: PIN: Speaker’s Name: Company: For me, the information/presentation of this speaker in HB476 was (5 = Positive; 1 = Negative) Check one for each criteria. Speaker(s) Positive Negative 5 4 3 2 1 Knowledge about hospitality &/or marketing Interesting to listen to Used helpful visuals (if appropriate) Presented material relevant to the course Should invite him/her back in future terms Important points I learned from this speaker(s) today (list up to 3): Speaker Assessment Assignment Additional thoughtful comments/thoughts about this presentation: Note: the operative word is “thoughtful”:...
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