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Final Study Guide Sp10 - IAH 207 Spring 2010 - Final Study...

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Unformatted text preview: IAH 207 Spring 2010 - Final Study Guide Infernal Affairs What happened to the police contact for the mole inside the gang? Why did the mole inside the police erase the other moles identity? Who betrayed his original side and why? Modern China in the 30s and 40s Love in a Fallen City: What makes Liusu (the middle aged divorcee) a fascinating character? Heroic image of the new women as an allegorical signifier. How does she fit in or defy traditional Chinese femininity? How does she compare to other female characters? She is divorced. Shes back to her family, lives with her brother. She knows dancing; this is not good for women at that kind of family. Confucian thought not relevant to her. She depends on herself. Defy patriarchal hierarchy. Both individual spirits from western ideas and constructive strength from culture heritage. Differences: she pursues happiness and takes actions (get divorced, going to Hong Kong, be more independent). Independent women strive for personal fulfillment. The child bride (Xiao Xiao) fights for her survival. The actions taken by Bai Liusu shows shes more realistic. What happens at the end of the story? She won the second marriage. They love each other and married. They found each other connected. Crossing the Taiwan Strait: Drowning of an Old Cat : What is the significance of Old Cats confrontation with the ghost? 3 4 a q m3 time to stop this. You need to let it go. Old Cat is pretty reasonable. It implies the character can make right decision even though he is bound by tradition. He is willing to go against tradition. For most of time he is traditional. He can change it if he wants to. He doesnt want to change most of the time. Why does the Old Cat object to the building of the pool? Ruin our geography. If they draw it dry, what we gonna do with a dried-up well. This could bring ruin to our sons and daughters and corrupt the entire village. It wouldnt be right to let Dragon-Eye see all those girls and boys with their indecent clothing. Explain the significance of the childrens laughter at the end of the story. Old Cats dead doesnt change anything. Children still enjoy the swimming pool. There is nothing can stop changing old things to new ones. This is a nature phenomenon and a trend. Contemporary China: Like a Banjo String : Why does the Old Blind Man emphasize that he and the Lad are not beggars? He takes pride in his self-sufficient profession. Serious about his professions, they have skills; their lives are on banjo string. Hope based on believe. Explain what this quote means, In the end, all that matters is to keep your strings forever taut and humming alive with music. What you are doing is what important. Doing things with whole heart and mind, focus on what you are doing....
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Final Study Guide Sp10 - IAH 207 Spring 2010 - Final Study...

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