BkSoWhatAssignment_R - include a bibliography(Note There will be no credit for the paper without citations and a bibliography This assignment will

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SoWhatAssignment Repositioning Book There is an old saying that businesses do not lack information, they just do not know how to analyze and use it to increase their marketing savvy and improve their strategic market position -- and in turn, increase revenues and profitability. Each of you is to prepare a "so what" paper (3-5 double spaced pages) not counting title page, bibliography, appendices, etc.). Explain how you -- as a hospitality marketer -- would use the information in the Repositioning book to increase your marketing effectiveness. In other words, what is the implication of the authors’ philosophy from the perspective of hospitality marketing? You will also be expected to integrate some of the online readings and websites into your analysis. Cite your sources and
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Unformatted text preview: include a bibliography. . (Note: There will be no credit for the paper without citations and a bibliography.) This assignment will form the foundation for class discussions on the due date. Note: Remember that an underlying premise of this course is the need to “break through the clutter” with a point of valued differentiation (i.e. competitive advantage). The goal of this project is to find a unique application (way of looking at) of the Positioning Principles to hospitality marketing. And…you have the option to submit their “paper” in a creative format. This is NOT a book report ! I’ve read the book many times and know what it contains. This is an analytical and implications look at how you can see things differently relative to hospitality marketing....
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