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Unformatted text preview: HB 201 Decision Making & Ethics “May the cup of Hospitality be ever full … and May the weary traveler’s trust forever met.” the Stephen S.J. Hall How do you make “important” decisions? decisions? “PrOACT” decision making Pr Pr O A C T oblem oblem bjective(s) lternatives onsequences rade-offs Common Decision Traps Common Anchoring Trap – occurs when we give disproportionate weight to the first information we receive the Seek information from a variety of sources Pursue other lines of thought Confirming Trap – occurs when we seek information that supports our point of view our Ask a colleague to play “devil’s advocate” Examine all evidence with the same rigor Avoid “yes-men” Sunk Cost Trap – occurs when we make decisions in order to justify past choices justify Allow yourself to be wrong Remember even the best leaders make mistakes Get opinions from people who were not involved in the original decision Zoom out and in (several times) Zoom “The art of being wise is The knowing what to overlook” (Match the detail of the analysis to the breadth of the problem) Get unstuck … Get Let your mouth start your mind … Avoid “analysis paralysis” … Avoid If you had to advise someone with your “problem” what would you say? Periodic check-ups and tunePeriodic ups are a good idea … Meta-cognition = thinking about your thinking No guarantees but over time luck favors “good procedures” luck Ethics Ethics Ethics – Defined Five-Step Test Code of Ethics Morgan’s Ten Laws Temptation or Ethical Dilemma? Temptation Temptation Right vs. Wrong Ethical Dilemma Right vs. Right The Five-Step Test for Ethics The 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Is the decision legal? Is the decision fair? Does the decision hurt anyone? Have I been honest with those affected? Can I live with my decision? Applying the Tests… Applying Take out the scenario you were given when Take you came to class. you Let’s apply the five steps. Let’s Code of Ethics Code IIQEST – the International Institute for IIQEST Quality and Ethics in Service and Technology Technology Morgan’s Ten Laws Morgan’s Never knowingly violate a contract Never owe the union a favor Always make professional, logical decisions that Always consider the ethics of a particular situation and their impact on the work force. their Always go to where the incident occurred. Your decision may impact someone’s livelihood. Always look to yourself (management) first. Always Evaluate whether management is part of the problem or part of the solution. problem Investigate. Investigate. Investigate. Document. Document. Document. Ask. Ask. Ask Get the employee’s side of the story. Ethic Scenarios Ethic Group up! (your choice – no more than 4 Group people in a group) people Review Your Group’s Scenario What Decision Would Your Group Make? What happens When You… What Apply The Five-Steps? Apply Morgen’s Laws? Apply Common Sense? ...
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