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Personal Mission Statement A Guide To create your personal mission statement find time to get away from all of your activities; create an environment where you can clear your mind. In wrestling with your mission statement, covey suggests considering these questions (First Things First, p. 307). What do I feel are my strengths? What strengths have others who know me well noticed in me? What do I deeply enjoy doing? What qualities of character do I most admire in others? Who is the one person that has made the greatest positive impact on my life? Why was that person able to have such a significant impact? What have been my happiest moments in life? Why were they happy? If I had unlimited time and resources, what would I choose to do? When I daydream, what do I see myself doing? What are the three or four most important things to me? When I look at my personal life, what activities do I consider of greatest worth?
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Unformatted text preview: • What talents do I have that no one else really knows about? • Even though I may have dismissed some thoughts before for various reasons, are there things I feel I really should do? What are they? • What qualities of life results do I desire that are different from what I now have in this area? • What are my spiritual needs and capacities? • What are my important roles in life? • What would I really like to be and do in my life? You do not have to answer all of these questions; but your reflections on these questions (and others) will provide valuable input to your mission statement. Rules to follow in writing your statement: • You are not writing for anybody but yourself • Use your own language and form • No matter its length, capture your mission in a brief phrase or statement • If you wish to share your vision, first share it with a twelve year old...
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