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Solving the Puzzle Of The Cash Flow Statement 1. Why is the Cash Flow Statement not as popular as the Balance Sheet and Income Statement? 2. What information can the cash flow statement provide the different users of the statement. 3. What are the different sources and uses of cash? 4. When creating the cash flow statement by the indirect method, what do you start with? 5. When creating cash flow from operating activities, what rule do you use
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Unformatted text preview: when adjusting the net income? 6. What are your comments about Colgate Palmolive’s cash flow from operations? 7. What are your comments about CP’s cash flow from investing activities? 8. What are your comments about CP’s cash flow from financing activities? 9. Overall, was Colgate-Palmolive showing a healthy cash flow trend? 10.What are your comments about the Jones Company Cash Flow?...
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