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Unformatted text preview: C7 ­ Since the cell reference B2 was used in 10000, the message OK will be displayed in cell C2. the logical_test argument, it will automatically adjust to the appropriate row number due to ralative referencing. Item Description Sugar Cocoa Beans Cocoa Butter Peanuts Almonds Starch Inventory Pounds 10000 7500 15000 8000 5000 12500 Status I F Funct ion: Pract ice ♦ IF func tio n is use d to c a lc ula te ho w m uc h inve nto ry b e p urc ha se d if a n ite m is b e lo w the 10000 p o und s t ♦ Ho w to d o : 1. Logical test: B2<10000. 2. [value_if_true]: 10000 ­ B2 I f the value in cell B2 is less than 10000, the functio calculate how many pounds need to be purchased t 10000 pound target. 3. [value_if_false): 0 I f the value in cell B2 is at or above 10000, the func display a value of 0, indicating there is no need to p additional inventory. a ct ice uc h inve nto ry ne e d s to 10000 p o und s ta rg e t. 000, the function will be purchased to reach the 10000, the function will e is no need to purchase Nest ed I F Funct ions ♦ IF func tio n p ro vid e s the e ntry o f o ne lo g ic a l te st a n o utp ut (va lue i...
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