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Unformatted text preview: if_false] arguments could ts. ce from lowest to highest. ing parenthesis is required hree closing parentheses). of four potential outputs for Logical Funct ions: AND OR ♦ Also use d to eva lua te d a ta b a se d o n lo g ic ♦ C a n b e use d ind e p e nd e ntly ♦ AND (B3=“NJ”, B3=“NY”, B3=“PA”) ♦ Ofte n use d in the lo g ic a l te st a rg um e nt o f a Func tio n ♦ If (AND(B3>1, D3>=12)=True, “good”, “bad” ND OR o n lo g ic a l te sts ) m e nt o f a n IF od”, “bad”) AND Funct ion: Cust om er Dem ogr aphic Dat ♦ In m a ny situa tio ns, b usine ss m a na g ers m ust d e c id e g ro up o f c o nd itio ns a p p ly to a sp e c ific a sp e c t o f th b usiness. ♦ Custo m e r d e m o g ra p hic d a ta fro m a c o m p a ny tha t se e king to se ll a new p ro d uc t to p e o p le w ho a re fe ha ve c hild ren, a nd a re le ss tha n 45 ye a rs o ld . ♦ Relevant for companies that make specialized products for specific target customer. ♦ The marketing manager of this firm would probably find it challenging to identify these people from a list of 100,000 p customers. ♦ AND functi...
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