Theoptionsfordefiningthisargu areidenticaltothe

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Unformatted text preview: cal_test argument, if you are going to use words, yo put them in quotation marks. ♦ [value_if_false] ♦ used to define the output of the function if the results o logical test are false. The options for defining this argu are identical to the [ value_if_true] argument. ation based on a t will be either tr ue with a cell reference les of logical tests: 9­ 12) * 10. tion if the results of n be defined with a or words. As in the use words, you must f the results of the ing this argument nt. I F Funct ion ♦ C o m p a riso n o p e ra to rs ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ = Equal to > Greater than < Less than <> Not equal to >= Greater than or equal to <= Less than or equal to Item Description Sugar Cocoa Beans Cocoa Butter Peanuts Almonds Starch Inventory Pounds 10000 7500 15000 8000 5000 12500 Status I F Funct ion: Pract ice 1. Activate cell C2 5. Type “OK” to de argument. 2. Type an equal sign, the function name IF, and an open parenthesis ­ If the value in ce 10000, the messa 3. Type B2<10000 to defi...
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