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Unformatted text preview: E. ♦ IF ANY of the logical tests are false, the function will display the word False. n t .) g ic a l4……) tw o p o ssib le ll display the word unction will Customer Detail Information Name Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3 Customer 4 Customer 5 Customer 6 Customer 7 Customer 8 Customer 9 Customer 10 Customer 11 Customer 12 Customer 13 Customer 14 Customer 15 State of Residence CA MO TX NJ FLA PA GA NH NY CO NJ NM NY VA PA Gender F M F M M F F F M F M F F M M Age 22 44 65 73 29 26 34 54 36 41 30 24 28 44 52 Children NO YES YES NO YES YES NO YES NO YES YES NO YES NO YES Target Customer OR Funct ion ♦ M a jo r d iffe re nc e fro m AND Func tio n: ♦ OR (C3=“F”, D3<45, E3=“Yes”) ♦ O R (lo g ic a l1, lo g ic a l2, lo g ic a l3, lo g ic a l4…… ♦ T O R func tio n Is use d w he re the e xiste nc e he o ne c rite rio n is re q uire d to trig g e r a d e c isio n ♦ If any logical test is true, word TRUE will be displayed ♦ A company may have a limited number of states whe and distr...
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