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Type b25000 to define the logicaltest argument 2 type

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Unformatted text preview: f true o r va lue if fa lse ) ♦ Ne ste d IF func tio ns a re use d w he n the func tio n sho d isp la y o ne o f m a ny p o ssib le outp uts ♦ O ne o f fo ur o utp uts a re ne e d e d : ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ < 5000 display “Prod Risk” > 5000 and < 10000 display “Low” > 14000 display “Spoil Risk” Between 10000 and 14000 display “OK” ♦ Ne e d to c rea te a n IF func tio n w ith thre e lo g ic a l te ne ste d IF func tio n. ns ic a l te st a nd o ut unc tio n sho uld lo g ic a l te sts: a Item Description Sugar Cocoa Beans Cocoa Butter Peanuts Almonds Starch Inventory Pounds 10000 7500 15000 8000 1200 12500 Status Nest ed I F Funct ion: I nv ent or y ♦How to do: 1. Type B2<5000 to define the logical_test argument. 2. Type “Prod Risk” to define to define the [value_if_true] argument. 3. Type the function name IF followed by an open parenthesis to define [value_if_false] argument. 4. Type B2<10000 to define the logical_test argument of the second IF function. 5. Type “Low” to define the [value_if_true] argument of the second IF function. 6. Type the function nam an open parenthesis [value_if_false] argu second IF function. 7. Type B2>14000 to de logical_test argumen function. 8. Type “Spoil Risk” to d [value_if_true] argum function. 9. Type “OK” to define [value_if_false] argu IF function. n v ent or y Dat a pe the function na...
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