Automaticallyadju ifthevalueincellb2islessthan10000

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Unformatted text preview: ne the logical­ in cell C2. test argument. 6. Type a closing p ­ Test if the value in cell B2 is less than the Enter Key. 10000. ­ Assume that inventory control manager 7. Copy cell C2, wh completed IF fu is maintaining at least 10000pounds of cells C3 through inventory for each item. ­ Since the cell re 4. Type “Low INV” to define the the logical_test ar [value_if_true] argument. automatically adju ­ If the value in cell B2 is less than 10000, number due to ral the message LOW INV will be displaeyd in cell C2. ­ Text message: quotation mark ♦ An inve nto ry c o ntro l m a na g e r c o uld use the IF w o rkshe e t to id e ntify item s in w hic h the inve nto 10,000 p o und s. ♦ Ho w to d o : Pract ice o uld use the IF func tio n in the ic h the inve nto ry is less tha n . Type “OK” to define [value_if_false] argument. ­ If the value in cell B2 is not less than . Type a closing parenthesis and press the Enter Key. . Copy cell C2, which now contains the completed IF function, and paste it to cells C3 through...
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