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CalculatingBetasUsingRawData - Calculating Betas Using Raw...

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Calculating Betas Using Raw Data Beta is not a magical number and its calculation is not an exact science. Differences in returns and intervals used can impact the different beta estimates for companies. The internet exercise will take you through the basic calculation of a beta using Excel in order to demystify a company beta. The Yahoo Finance site is where you need to go to get financial information for companies, which is the raw data you need to calculate betas. Once you are at this site you need to find a box titled “Get Quotes” which you need to type in the stock symbol (if unsure of the stock symbol go to “Symbol Lookup”).To download financial data from the internet follow the detailed instructions. Data download instructions 1. In the Get Quotes box type in the stock symbol (for example Shell is SC and the S&P500 index is ^SPC). 2. Select the chart from the dropdown box to the right and click on the Get Quotes Button. Click on Historical Quotes which is located under the graphs of stock prices and stock volumes. 3.
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