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HB 201 Guidelines Occupation Exploration Assignment Purpose: This assignment is intended to help you learn about an occupation(s) that you are interested in entering upon graduation. You will have the opportunity to explore one or several occupations In each case, information pertinent to that occupation will be pulled together and integrated into a profile. Requirement: Construct a “document” which meets conforms to one of the following: a. Select one occupation for an in-depth study, using at least 3 different kinds of information sources, that contains 14 sections/topics. b. Select three occupations; using at least 3 different kinds of information sources, that contains 7 sections/topics (per occupation). Sources of Information: Computer-assisted career guidance systems (SIGI, FOCUS, OPM). Reference books, e.g. Occupational Outlook Handbook (also on-line). Resource person, e.g. information interview. Employer literature. Internet sources (career and employer). Governmental reports, Dept. of Labor, Jobs Commission. Professional association reports. Professional magazines or journals. News reports, e.g. Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company. Professional subscription service - occupational briefs. DVD, videotapes, audiotapes. CD-ROM information. Directory information. Job announcements (print, electronic, audio). Others. This assignment is to be completed and submitted before the end of the last class session of HB 201. You may submit your document to me via e-mail ( [email protected] ) or “hand in” at class session.
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