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Tomorrow’s hospitality marketers will all have access to the same market information. What will separate the winners from the losers is their ability to find a unique opportunity or competitive advantage in that information – in other words, they will be able to see things in a new way. This is the premise of this assignment. Your mission is to see the things that everyone else sees, see them differently, promote them differently and “move” your audience/target market to take action. In other words, you must break through the clutter and inspire your audience to act. This is your “ask” in advertising and sales. You will need to look. at MSU, your collective experiences here, and the spirit of being a Spartan " from an out of the box " perspective in a way that you have never done before. Specifically, this project is designed to unleash your creative powers and utilize innovative on- strategy advertising message that comes through collective brainstorming . With the size of this term’s class, each team will have a
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SpartanSpirit_Assignment.F10 - Tomorrows hospitality...

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