Contest__for_HB_201_on_Workplace_Compete - HB 201 Activity...

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Unformatted text preview: HB 201 Activity What: A Contest! Problem: Ms. Sherri Henry, CEO of S&S Hospitality Inc. is not sure of where to begin to address her employees needs so she wants to hire a Human Resource Consulting firm to identify what skill is the most important and necessary skill to begin developing. She would like to see a three-minute presentation from each firm interested in taking on the task. She would like each interested consulting group to present a plan or program to train, teach, or encourage the professional development of her employees. Need: 8 groups consisting of 5 team members and 1 observer. Group/Team assignment: Your team is a Human Resource Consulting Group. You have 15 minutes to create a 3 minute presentation in which you will market your company to Ms. Sherri Henry, CEO. Key things to think about; 1. Research the company needs 2. Identify the skills employees need 3. Determine how your company will help her employees develop skills. 4. Explain why your team is the best team to hire. Ms. Henry will allow each group 3 minutes to make their presentation. You will be timed. Prize: After all teams have presented, Ms. Henry will decide which team she would hire. That team wins the prize. Henry, January 2003 OBSERVER’S SHEET – please note the following skills when you observe them. Write brief examples in the spaces provided. Be sure to write clearly as you will need to share these observations in front of the class and to the individual team members in your group. You may not say anything or do anything to disrupt the group process. You are an observer only, “a fly on the wall.” Name Non – Verbal- any gestures that communicate either a positive or negative...
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Contest__for_HB_201_on_Workplace_Compete - HB 201 Activity...

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