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1 04/2005 © 2005, Value Line Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Factual material is obtained from sources believed to be reliable and is provided without warranties of any kind. THE PUBLISHER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ERRORS OR OMISSIONS HEREIN. This publication is strictly for subscriber's own, non-commercial, internal use. No part of it may be reproduced, resold, stored or transmitted in any printed, electronic or other form, or used for generating or marketing any printed or electronic publication, service or product. Value Line Publishing, Inc. 220 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017-5891 e mail Address: 1-800-634-3583
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2 As you read the following pages, please refer to the sample repor t on Johnson & Johnson that appears on page 21 of this w orkbook. The report is dated March 4, 2005. You can find the date in the lower right hand corner next to the analyst’s name. You will be asked to answer questions or complete statements. Whenever you see a blank line, please fill it in. Each b lank line has a notation that cor responds to the cor rect responses sho wn at the end , on page 22. T o anal yze y our perfor mance, go to page 23. You may need a calculator to find some of the answers. In each Value Line report there are a number of particularly important items, all explained in more detail below. These include the Timeliness, Safety , and Technical ranks ( item 2 on page 21) in the upper left hand corner of each page; the large stock price chart at the top of the page ( item 13 ); recent stock price and financial forecasts ( items 12, 16, and 30 ) in several places; balance sheet and income statement data ( items 16 and 27 ) in the center; quarterly data ( items 22 and 23 ) in the lower left; and the analyst’s written commentary ( item 18 ) in the lower right. There is a great deal of other information as well. To learn more about The Value Line Investment Survey , we recommend that you read the intro- ductory material that is provided to all new subscribers. This workbook has been designed primarily to help novice and intermediate investors understand the Value Line approach to evaluating companies. It contains information that Value Line thinks is most important for learning the investment process. WORKBOOK The Value Line Investment Survey
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4 The Questions Start Here. Good Luck! Across the top of the page are: the company’s name ( item 1 in the report on Johnson & Johnson that appears on page 21 of this workbook), followed by the stock exchange on which the stock is traded - usually the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American Stock Exchange (ASE), or NASDAQ (NDQ), and the ticker symbol, usually two to four letters used to identify a stock for trading purposes. Next comes the recent stock price ( item 6 ). 1.
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