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EXAM_1reviewspring10 - EXAM 1 REVIEW The exam consists of...

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EXAM 1 REVIEW The exam consists of about 50 questions of which 25 questions tests you on financial management concepts from chapters 1,2,4,5 and class slides. The questions are true/false multiple choice. The other 25 questions are multiple choice which require calculations. You obviously need a calculator for your exam. Understand the following knowledge areas for the concepts part of your exam 1. Difference between investment and financing decision 2. What is the goal of financial management and goal of the firm 3. An understanding of the financial management organization chart and role of different players. 4. How owners make return decisions 5. Understand the rights and claims and return expectations of the providers of capital to the firm 6. Understand the firm’s asset and capital structure. 7. Review dividend decisions pages. 8. Review NPV and opportunity cost definitions. 9. What is capital intensity? 10. What is the risk-return tradeoff?
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