Hw #3 CHEM 157

Hw #3 CHEM 157 - Maria Alvarado A07011197 Chem 157...

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Unformatted text preview: Maria Alvarado A07011197 April 22, 2010 Chem 157 Homework #3 1. Though both fungal and mammalian FAS are type I, their structures vary. Fungal FAS is a while the mammalian FAS is . The mammalian FAS is 1 protein with 2 identical subunits whereas the fungal FAS is 2 proteins with 2 multifunctional subunits. They also vary in size, the mammalian FAS is smaller than the fungal FAS. These type I FAS differ from those present in bacteria and plants, type II FAS. Bacterial and plant FAS have 7 proteins whereas type I FAS have 1 protein. The size between type I and type II FAS vary as well; type II FAS are larger than type I. In type II fatty acid synthase, the ACP sequentially transfers the acyk-chain intermediates amongst the different enzymes whereas in type I fatty acid synthase the ACP is integrated within the catalytic domains of the enzymes. Also, in type I FAS, the PPT moieties reach into the active site cleft of KS whereas in type II FAS these moieties are rotated inward and the acyl chains...
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