accounting week 1 - Header: Running Guillermo Furniture...

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Header: Running Guillermo Furniture Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario Malin Esquerre May 2, 2010 Myrtle Clark Introduction Guillermo Furniture Store 2 Critical business decisions are made daily by management in all industries. The furniture manufacturer, Guillermo Navallez, has critical decisions to make. Climate change is occurring in furniture manufacturing industry in North America with the onset of technology and foreign competitors. The only way to make an intelligent business decision is by reviewing the financial statements of the business, projected business with proposed adjustments, and the competitors financial statements. Budgets and performance reports provides a scorecard of what the current, future, and possible profits can be for the specific company. The information can suggest what direction would be more successful for the business. Guillermo Navallez has been feeling the pinch from industry innovations that utilize computer-controlled laser lathes that can run 24 hours a day with minimal labor (University of Phoenix, 2010). It is apparent that the speed and increased production of these high-tech solutions are impossible to beat with hand-made
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accounting week 1 - Header: Running Guillermo Furniture...

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